Colonial General Insurance Agency









Real Estate Errors and Omission

  • Policy Highlights:

  • Colonial General Insurance Agency is now offering Real Estate Errors and
    Omission Liability designed for small to mid-size firms engaged in one or
    more of the following classes of business:


  • • Residential Sales

  • • Commercial Sales

  • • Real Estate Leasing

  • • Property Management (Third-Party)

  • Coverage is available for firms with incidental exposures in real estate
    consulting/counseling, real estate auctioneering, mortgage brokerage,
    business opportunities brokerage, and short-term escrow.

  • Policy features for real-estate agent errors and omission include:

  • • 50% deductible reduction for claims settled by alternative dispute resolution

  • • Claims-made and reported coverage form

  • • Coverage for newly acquired entities and predecessor firms


  • • Coverage for the sale of agent owned property

  • • Death and disability extended period for a sole proprietor

  • • Defendant reimbursement benefits

  • • Defense coverage for disciplinary proceedings

  • • Defense in addition to the limits of liability

  • • Discrimination defense coverage included - $100,000 limit (additional options available)

  • • Environmental Hazards coverage available up to full policy limits

  • • First dollar defense coverage available

  • • Innocent insured coverage

  • • Lockbox/keyless entry claims coverage - $50,000 limit

  • • Low minimum premium, admitted preferred carrier

  • • Multiple extended reporting periods including a 1, 3, 5 and unlimited period option

  • • Prior acts coverage available

  • • Retiree extended reporting period available for qualifying sole proprietors

  • • Limits of Liability start at $100K and $100K with deductibles as low as $2,500. Claims Expense outside the Limits can be offered at carrier discretion. Min premiums start as low as $750.00

  • *Coverage’s and premium will vary based on the carrier that the risk is placed with.