Colonial General Insurance Agency









Lawyers Program

  • Policy Highlights:

  • Today's law firms face significant challenges. Selecting the best insurance carrier and insurance brokerage consultant should be as risk-free as possible. Colonial General insures thousands of law firms in the Southwest. We have relationships with major insurers who understand the legal community. We have the capability to place insurance for law firms of all sizes and areas of practice.

  • CGL Coverage available:

  • • We offer access to some of the market's leading professional liability carriers in the Southwest.

  • Loss prevention programs to help reduce the risk of claims

  • • New & Established firms


  • • Part-Time Attorneys

  • • Moonlighting attorneys

  • • Newly-Admitted attorneys

  • • Limits up to $10mm

  • • Disciplinary Proceedings Coverage

  • • Loss Only Deductible

  • • Claims Expense Outside limits

Limits available start at $100K and $300K and range up to $5M and $5M with $0 deductible up to $25,000. First Dollar Defense and Claims Expense Outside the limits can be offered. Limits and coverage’s depend on availability from carriers. *Premiums can vary depending on Area of Practice, Size of Firm, and coverage’s selected.