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Dry Goods Hauling

  • Policy Highlights:

  • Produce haulers insurance is cargo insurance that covers refrigerated commercial trucks that haul fruits, vegetables and other foods on a consistent basis. A large amount of the commercial truck industry consists of produce haulers that transport the nation’s food supply daily.

  • Produce haulers insurance needs to be very specialized due to the perishable nature of produce hauler’s cargo; most produce haulers actually expect a percentage of their cargo to regularly go bad. Colonial General can help you protect your produce with our vast array of coverage solutions.

  • Coverage available:

  • • Unlimited radius on all Monoline Cargo policies

  • • We have a market that can write Excess over Primary Cargo for up to $750,000

  • Cargo limits up to $100,000 with refrigerator breakdown included.

  • • Refrigerator breakdown coverage available with $2500 deductible.