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Directors and Officers

  • Policy Highlights:

  • In a business environment characterized by strict corporate governance and emerging exposures, Directors and Officers face greater personal liability than ever before. Keep in mind that it is possible for you to have no coverage whatsoever, unless the directors and officers have D&O liability insurance with their own dedicated limit of liability. Whereas most claims against directors and officers are indemnified by the organization, if the organization is unwilling to indemnify, unable to indemnify, or legally prohibited from indemnifying, the personal assets of the directors and officers could be at risk. Colonial Generals goal is to ensure that you are protected, regardless of the situation at hand.

  • CGL Coverage available:

  • • Smooth excess policy structure includes a broad definition of “drop-down event” so the policy responds when an underlying insurer denies coverage or provides written intent to deny coverage.

  • • No bodily injury, property damage, or pollution exclusions

  • • Broad definition of loss

  • • Innovative, narrow organization v. insured person exclusion targets “collusive” internal claims only.

  • • Broad definition of claim includes arbitration and mediation proceedings; requests for extradition; investigation or interview of an insured person; Wells Notices; and defense costs coverage for certain subpoenas.

  • • Enhanced outside directorship liability coverage

  • • Non Profit, For Profit-Public, For-Profit Private. These at times can be packaged with EPLI (Employment Practices Liability and Crime Coverage). Fiduciary Coverage is also available.

  • *Coverage’s and premium will vary based on the carrier that the risk is placed with.